Monday, February 25, 2013

New Feature - SIU Insights by SIU Members

Members will now be able to show their sports knowledge and expertise on props throughout the day. 

Create your own insight and let other SIU member's judge how smart you really are.  Users will be able to 'Like' your post.  The more Likes you get the higher your ranking will be.  Rankings will determine your order, letting users view the best ones first.

Insights will be available to be created and edited up until the prop locks.  When an insight is created or edited it will be reviewed by an SIU admin to make sure the content is not detrimental to our site.

 Be the first to write an insight on your favorite prop today!


  1. Thoughts: Reward a credit or two for the best-reviewed Insight on each prop. This will improve quality control and will add variety to the credit-earning process.

    Also, the formatting of the text needs to be tweaked a little. One of my Insights didn't support the newline characters that I wanted and looked jumbled and messy. Insights that are formatted well will be easier to read and will generate more traffic.

    Cool idea though!

  2. Another idea would be instead of just including a link to "past Insights" (coming soon!), the person giving the Insight should actually have to record a selection (A or B) and then their Insight record could be posted on each future Insight given.


  4. Why cant i play trivia?why do i have to have premium to play?!

    1. You don't need premium to play, READ rules please.

  5. you don't need premium to play trivia,just answer the add which will unlock the trivia questions.

  6. AC MIlan winning with 4 goals was a pretty good bet against a last place team.

  7. If the person posting the insight has a record for previous insights post that with the prop. That will give the viewer a feel for their credibility.

  8. Come up with a fair posting timeframe for insights. The early morning props get the most views (before people leave for work). I have attempted to post insights late at night (10:30 pm east coast time) and there was 1 insight posted on another prop with 1 thumbs up at that time. I got up for work at 3:30 am and my insight was not posted yet and the other prop was now at 13 thumbs up. When I checked in at 6 am my insight was up along with 2 others for the same prop. Two of us had 6 each and the 3rd person had 3. The other prop was near 20. All three insights on our prop won and ended up with something like 28, 26, and 16 likes where the other insight lost and had something like 37 likes.
    The am props to me are the most desired because they help those that don't have the chance to do the homework before leaving for work. Maybe the following day props should be posted starting about 8 pm east coast time so the insights can be generated earlier. Also having a set time would help : all insights entered between 8:01 pm - 9:59 pm east coast time posted by 10:01 pm : 10 pm to 1 am posted at 1 am then insights posted 1-8 east coast time posted at 8 then posted as they are reviewed.

  9. When using a 3 team parlay and one of your picks become a "push". Don't have it take away your 3 team parlay because i still want it. You only have 2 chances to use the 3 team parlay. Instead have it use a 2 team parlay. You get a w3 regardless..