Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updated redesign / New Features

We have just updated the design of the picks page. Moved some of the profile info to the right, giving the actual picks more real state.

We have also released a new feature: Premium Memberships. We at SIU try to provide relevant and entertaining ads to our users. We know some of you don't like these ads, but that's the only way we can generate some revenue to pay for the prizes and costs of running this site.

With the Premium Membership, you know won't have to watch these ads anymore.

The site is still 100% free (ad supported). The Premium Memberships are optional and NOT required to play the game.

As a Premium Member, you'll also have access to our mobile optimized website (if you use your mobile phone to access the site). Not only that, you'll be able to earn Real Cash when you refer your friends now.

Check the Subscription page for more info.

You can also try out the Premium Features for free for a week.


  1. Can you post screenshots of the mobile version of the site?

  2. awesome job SIU! all that is left to do is find out how to lock and unlock the props on time as well as the mothership does.

  3. I don't mind the Premium Membership option. Its just a shame that when you only have a mobile device to play your game, you are limited. I wish I could play the Trivia aspect of your game on my mobile device, but I can't anymore. The Blue Chip props are also off limits without the Premium Membership on a mobile device. I guess I just gotta make do with what you let us do. I do like playing SIU. Thank You for this game.